Come If 

  • Come and stay if enjoying nature up front and personal is your thing.
  • Come and stay if river gorges and unpredictable waterfalls stir your soul.
  • Come and stay if an off grid cottage with associated characteristics and compromises adds to your experience of life.
  • Come and stay if messing about on a variety of well used canoes and boats is your thing.
  • Come and stay if crossing a river in rain (you bum will get wet) is an adventure to you.
  • Come and stay if you will enjoy stepping back in time to a world without TVs, without a microwave oven, without instant convenience at your fingertips.
  • Come if you would like to learn how to row and anchor a boat, learn about tidal estuaries, and enjoy the adventure of dealing with tidal variations, mud (sometimes) and think this is your idea of an adventure.