Important Skills

How to moor a rowing boat or canoe

The video shows the best  way to moor a rowing boat or canoe. 

Please follow this guide (it is referring to the white rowing boat with red trim in the video, out in the water beyond the canoe).

This applies to both mooring the boat and canoes when at the cottage and/or when at the jetty on the road side of the river. 

When you go to the beach, pull the craft up out the water a bit and throw the anchor down on the sand. This means if the tide comes in, the boat/canoe won’t float away.


Hold the end of the mooring rope (the rope from the front of the boat).

Take the anchor.

Push the boat out into the river and throw the anchor hard, beyond the boat.

Tie the boat to the pole or attachment point using the full length of the mooring rope. 

(Note: Other people on the river like to tie their boats close to the shore. It isn’t good for the boat, and is not a good idea at our jetty because we have large tidal variations at our cottage. So don’t copy other peoples approach to mooring a boat.)

The Anchor

     When you want to go rowing on the river, you need to remove the mooring rope from the pole/attachment, pull the boat to the shore, get into the boat and pull up the anchor and place it inside the boat. If it is covered in mud, then swish it around in the water and then put it inside the boat.

    NEVER EVER untie the anchor from the boat and leave it behind in the river.

    The river is very tidal at present due to the floods in late 2021 which washed a lot of sand out of the river mouth. This is an image of what happens if the boat isn’t correctly anchored out in the river. A slightly worse scenario would have the boat filling with water and the floorboards and oars floating away. It happened recently due to the anchor not being used.