River Days

Just messing about on the river. Canoes, kayaks, rowing boats and fun

Our Stunning Beach

Just a 2 minute paddle or a 15 minute slow swim will bring you to the most amazing beach in South Africa. With white sand and almost 500 metres or more in length (tide dependent), you can pick your spot under the historic bridge or closer to the cottage, the choice is yours! 

Secret Waterfall

A short canoe trip brings you to one of the most special places at Kaaimans – the Waterfall. 

I grew up swimming in the ‘Kaaimansgat’, a unique never to be forgotten experience. 

Kloofing / Canyoneering

For the enthusiastic outdoor adventurer, the kloofing on the Kaaimans River is world class. Please chat to us and we’ll advise you accordingly. You can expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours and more likely 5 to 6 hours depending on how far you venture. This activity is for strong swimmers only.